Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mont Saint-Michel and Rouen

This Easter we made a road trip down to Rouen and Mont Saint-Michel in France.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bletchley Park and the National Computer Musem

Day trip up to Bletchley Park and the National Computer Museum.

Memorial dedicated to the Polish code breakers

Working computer used to crack the codes

Control Panel

Paper storage

"Too Fast" Speed setting

Saturday, April 5, 2014


We went for a day trip down to Bournemouth.  The weather was amazing, just like in Summer.  Sadly the weather is now gone and it's the typical fog...

Little changing huts

Grand hotel from the Victorian Era

Downtown (or City Centre)

Beach and Boardwalk

Yes, this weather is once a year

Bournemouth from the cliff top

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


After 4 month of studies, the CISSP exam is done and dusted.  What started as a plan last summer, and finally as something to complete during the winter is done.

The original plan started out a while back where I had some free time during a project.  I started looking through the books and course notes.  I was planning on looking into learning more about management and maintenance of security, and the CISSP is an excellent path to learn those topics.  Later in November, I did a little more planning and booked the exam for January.  The original plan was during winter break to study, but as always, there was little time and put it off.  Middle January I noticed I was not ready (and with my wife telling me I should use more time to study) I rebooked it to end of March.  It’s winter anyways and the weekends are cold, so it’s perfect to study.

Study plan was:
Conrad’s Blue CISSP book - perfect for getting through the scope of material.
Shon’s "All-in-One"Book - this book is terrible, but because it so badly written and jumps over the place, it’s a good study guide.  Don't use it at first. - This practice website is essential.  The last month I just hammered each section to average at 80%
Paper - I used two full note books of paper, writing down every little note and practice question.  This helps in slowing down and writing is the physical process of memorization.
Eat better - for the past two months I tried to eat as healthy as I can and also started cycling to work.

My Study plan was every Saturday I would go to the library and take a full 250 practice exam.  This is essential for two parts: One it prepares you for the full exam and second is simulates the duration of studies.  You should be able to complete a full exam with 80%

The actual exam is similar, obviously the questions are different.  The point is that they are not like Cisco or other exams.  You'll find only a handful of, “what port does POP use?” type of questions.  Most are along the lines of what would be the best solution from the organization’s perspective.