Saturday, January 25, 2014

Imperial War Museum in Duxford

Some aircraft photos from the Duxford air museum.  Last time I was here I had a simple camera so the photos didn't come out there best, so this time I took my Nikon and 70-300mm to see what kind of photos I could get.

Concord control panel seen from outside

Concord cockpit from inside

Poland on a Spitfire

Polish Squadron 

A-10 Warthog - This aircraft is the ugliest thing to fly, but I like it!

Taking off from the airfield

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Bompton

My Brompton arrived for a late Christmas and fortunately today was a nice day to go for a spin in London.

Fully Loaded, surprisingly this setup was not bad.  I had about 6 books in my bookbag in the front

Ready to go

Chain setup, 3 speed

Park position with the little wheels on the rack to roll it around when folded

Folded, the seat is also a handle for the entire bike when folded

Chain in the middle, so you can't get dirt on yourself when carrying it

Fits perfectly in my car, note the built-in bike pump