Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Polytechnik Gdansk

Back in 2004, I thought it would be a good idea to attend University in Poland.  It was a good idea on paper, but in reality there were a lot of complex issues that I faced and it turned to be a challenging experience both at the university and living in Poland, plus helping my grandfather go though chemo.

I was born in Poland at have visited the country many times during my childhood, but this was the first time I lived in Poland.  My parents were quite excited that I go back to Poland, to the motherland.  But I had no idea what that meant.  At one point I was told by a classmate, "go back home" and that that point I released that Poland is not my country.  The university in Poland was also quite something.  I was use to the American education system and was in quite a shock how things are done in Poland.  It was truly a different country.

I may be a Polish citizen (or what's called Polonia), but I'm not Polish and have very little in common with Polish people.