Sunday, December 14, 2003

First time in Rome

When I came back to Germany, I decided to travel more and see more of Europe.  I haven't been down to Italy and it was something that I wanted to see.  Ryanair at that time was dirt cheap and I booked a ticket to go down for a weekend.

This was the first time I flew Ryanair and also in Rome (well, south of the Alps).  Ryanair was quite an adventure, as I was use to the full-service airlines that go transcontinental and not the shuttle flights with no service (sit down and shut-up!)

Italy was also quite an adventure, I don't know what I was expecting, perhaps something like Germany or Florida.  I was a little surprised seeing Communist party flags and the easy going nature of Italians.  This started my admiration of Italy.

It's also interesting that at this point I was starting to get more into photography.  I only had a Canon S100 (~3 megapixels?) It worked and managed to get some good pictures.  Funny, my travel camera today is also a S100, but the 2014 model.